Friday, November 3, 2023

"The Profundity of Simplicity"

Poem of the Day 3, Friday, November 3, 2023

"The Profundity of Simplicity"

It’s odd when you really think about it—
the profundity of simplicity.
Most things in life reek
of a ephemerality and shallowness,
non-starters from the beginning.

People seem to be ever learning
but never arriving at the truth
about the simplicity of life.

They draw the things of the world
too close in their line of vision,
thus obstructing simplicity.

They make things too hard
as they overthink
even the simplest of tasks.

No wonder our lives careen
out of control because the simple
has been too distorted, too garbled,
for even simple contemplation.

Simplicity allows us to move forward,
unfettered with the overwhelmingness
of life’s challenges that engulf us
forcing us to spend far more time packing,
unpacking, and repacking non-essentials
and stuffing them away, hoarding them,
instead of shedding them forever.

It is past time to seek the simplicity
of life that will ultimately produce
a profound sense of becoming and being
seeing with utmost clarity.

Darrel L. Hammon

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