Sunday, December 21, 2014

Grandparenting: It’s what we were born to do!

Grandparenting: It’s what we were born to do!

I love being a father! Of course, being a father to two delightful children—Anna Rose and Hailey—was a fairly easy task. 
Hailey, Joanne, and Anna Rose
They were exceptional young women who grew up and became even more incredible adults, each with her own skill sets and abilities. Joanne and I still just sit back and wonder how they turned out so well.

Now, they each have two children, one girl and one boy for each of them. This past year, we have been able to spend a bit of time with our four grandchildren and have enjoyed ourselves immensely. We discovered anew that being grandparents is what we were born to do.

Emiline and William helped me plant the garden at Anna Rose’s house. We had a great harvest, too.
Emiline and William at Easter time
We had a delightful Easter with all of them, excluding our newest who wasn’t born yet. We BBQ’ed at Anna Rose’s house and had some pictures taken.
The Hammon Family sans Avonlea
We went to Rigby, Idaho, to attend Mother Boltz's funeral. We stayed with Delaina and walked up the road. Both Emiline and William saw things they had never seen before.
Emiline with a baby mule
Clark and I went to the BYU museum and looked at some of the exhibits.
Grandpa Hammon and Clark
Emiline, William, and I went on a few hikes up the road and back. Of course, we stopped every now and then to look at the birds, a twig on the side of the road, a pine cone that had fallen from one of the trees, grapes that grew on some vines along one of the neighbor’s fence line, and a variety of other things.
Anna Rose, Clark, Emiline, William, and Joanne on a walk down the Clark Highway
When we moved to our new house, the three of them have been over to swing on the swings and slide down the slide. One day, Emiline came over and said, “Did the swings miss me?” My answer was swift, “They miss you every day.”
We were able to have Thanksgiving dinner with Anna Rose and her family.
Anna Rose, Christiaan, Emiline, and William
Then we flew on Friday to Hailey’s house and spent the weekend with them. 

We finally met our newest granddaughter—little sweet Avonlea—and spent some time with her big brother Clark. We even blessed little Avonlea in their branch—first baby to be blessed there in eight years. So, you know who’s the hit of the parade every Sunday morning.

Avonlea in her blessing dress.
Emiline and I were able to spend a sick day together earlier this fall. It touched my heart that Emiline said to me, “I love you so much, Grandpa.” Of course, this softy had tears in his eyes.

We’ve been to Emiline’s Christmas program at her school.
Emiline with Santa at her Christmas program
Plus, we have many, many experiences with these four little grandchildren. We love them very much.
Clark and Grandpa: the Dudes
I have always loved children, and children seem to like me. Perhaps, it’s because I look like some big oaf to them. There is something about grandchildren, though, something that is almost inexplicable. It seems there is an instant bond. When I met each of our grandchildren for the first time, I instantly felt they were a part of me and had been from the pre-existence. 
Clark and William at the sand dunes in Delta, Utah.
Just recently, when I took Avonlea in my arms for the first time, I literally felt the connection—a zing! We were one.
Grandpa and Avonlea, blessing day
Grandchildren are truly gifts from our Heavenly Father to enjoy and feel comfort and peace from them.