Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sunset HOA Summer Picnic 2022

HOA Summer Picnic
June 2022

We have never chosen to be a part of an HOA (Home Owners Association). When we purchased our townhome, it was part of an HOA. Within a few months of moving in, we had the HOA annual meeting, and I was elected the president. It has been mostly a pleasant experience. One of those pleasant experiences just happened last Saturday.

We had our first summer picnic beneath the shelter in our little park. We had an incredible turnout, the temperature was not too hot, and we had plenty of shade. Everyone brought a blanket to sit on or chairs to sit in, and their own plates and utensils.

And the food everyone brought was spectacular! Many of the HOA owners are experienced in food preparation, and it showed. For me, there were some of the best potluck dishes I have had were prepared. Plus, the desserts were divinely delicious if you had left room for them.

Here is just a sample of the food—macaroni salads, fruit salads, macaroni and cheese (so delicious), little pigs in a blanket, homemade rolls (these were so, so good!), pork chop casserole (that may not be the name for it, but I name it that), chicken tenders, and loads of watermelon. 

For dessert—cinnamon rolls (to die for!), German chocolate cupcakes (delicious!), cake, and doughnuts.

The amazing part with all this is that even after we all loaded our plates once or twice—thrice for some—it seemed like we still didn’t make a dent in the food. We had great conversations and became better acquainted as many of us are fairly new to the HOA.

Many new HOA owners were in attendance. One of them said to me as he was leaving, “Thanks! We were able to meet so many people.”

Several HOA owners commented, “We ought to do this more often.” So we think we ought to do another in September. It may take some of us that much time to shed some of the poundage after eating such a large quantity of the delicious food everyone brought.

Many, many thanks to everyone for their participation and wonderful smiles!

See you in September!