Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac
Elder Darrel L. Hammon

The Malecon at the beginning.....Note the waves coming in.
From June until November of each year, the Caribbean suffers from tropical storms. They all have names, and they all start and try to finish strong. Thankfully for us in the Dominican Republic, many of these storms die somewhere "out there." Unfortunately, Isaac--La Tormenta Isaac--thought he ought to make a grand entrance and a path of rain and high winds. 

Joanne heading out to bring the car in
From one of the outlets came this message: “Isaac is forecast to remain close to if not over water and so strengthening is forecast, with Isaac expected to become a hurricane on Sunday.  Tropical storm force winds continue to extend out about 230 miles from the center of Isaac -- a BIG storm.”

Outside our laundry room
Isaac sauntered by us, beginning yesterday afternoon and lasting until this a.m. But the effects still linger. We are receiving lots and lots and lots of rain. Some predict we will receive about 8-12 of rain with the possibility of 20 inches. It rained yesterday. It began raining this a.m. and hasn’t quit for several hours. As we watch the rains come, we cannot help but worry for our friends out in the barrios, where dirt roads and dirt floors and tin roofs, many with holes, create enormous problems.

Our sidewalk leading to the back patio. It's like a river.....
So far, all missionaries and members are safe. Stake and mission presidents have been checking in all morning and afternoon with Bennie Lilly, the Caribbean Area Welfare Manager. Isaac landed a few hours ago on Haiti. It will take its leisure time there, dropping ark-loads of rain and then head on to Florida where the prognosticators believe it will become a nasty hurricane.

Our patio
When you think of 230 miles from the center, you are talking about a monster storm. We will continue feeling its effects even until tomorrow. The rains will continue to fall and create damage through the country. We just wish some of it could fall on all of the wildfires in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and other western state now suffering from fires.

A little higher view of the sidewalk leading to the back patio

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños to Hailey Jean

Feliz Cumpleaños to Hailey Jean

August 5, 1988--
Our second miracle was born in Boise, Idaho.
I remember how beautiful she was
and how fast she grew.

You loved sports, from T-ball
to basketball to volleyball to tennis
and then on to speech and drama, your winning ways,
charming the crowds, living up to your billing…

Then off to BYU, your bedroom in Wyoming
finally clean, and I can see the floor once again,
but it was quiet, almost too quiet…..

Then, somehow, Joe slips into the picture,
quiet-like, woos you subtly, and suddenly
a ring appears and then 
marriage in the Timpanogas Temple.

Just like that.

Ah, then trials and tribulations, 
emerge on the horizon,
even slop over, spilling its challenges
over the side and into life….

It can be that way, sometimes.

Now, our baby Hailey is going to have a baby.
You have become so conscientious—
just the right pair of socks or onsies
or even an outfit for church.

You are so talented, so incredible.
You have grown, matured, have become
so focused on what needs to be done,
almost driven.

It’s wonderful to watch.

And those big blue eyes still flash brilliance
And warmth and depth and kindness…..
Although you are celebrating having a baby,
you are still my baby, my Hailey Jean.

I love you.
Hailey as Peter Cottontail

Speech and drama medals

Hailey working at McDonalds
Hailey, the Mime

Hailey, Laramie County Community College graduation

Two beautiful women, Hailey and Joanne

Hailey and Joseph, wedding day