Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heber and Park City: Paradise, Delicious Food, and Lots of Blue Things

Heber and Park City: Paradise, Delicious Food, and Lots of Blue Things

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States, a day we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy. Thus, both Joanne and I had the day off; so we spent it doing a bit of traveling through Midway, Heber City, and Park City. What an incredible day to travel to places where cultures are so different, even though they are within a dozen or two miles apart.

First, Midway. Joanne and I had a gift certificate for a full breakfast at the Blue Boar Inn that I had received during a Heber City Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Utah Valley University (UVU)-Wasatch Campus. I was excited to go and take Joanne.

Blue Boar
We trundled to Blue Boar Inn early in the a.m. The weather was crisp, but the sun shined brightly when we arrived at the Inn. What an incredible bed and breakfast! The Swiss settled in Midway; so, many of the buildings, including the various resorts, had been designed in the Swiss look. The Blue Boar Inn is no different.

Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah
Joanne and I had a delicious omelet breakfast. Then, we had our picture take in front of the fireplace. Jay, the Inn Keeper, took the picture. He introduced himself as a “long-time peddler and photographer.”

Darrel and Joanne at Blue Boar Inn
After pictures, he took us on a tour of the Inn, stopping at his incredible collection of Olympic pins. The set included 1,165. According to Jay, he had another 600 at home. Impressive!

Two displays and 1,165 Olympic pins
We walked outside and took a few picture of the door and the front of the building, which is inviting to all those who come to the Inn.

Entry door to the Blue Boar Inn
We also drove up the Canyon and just looked over the valley. What is incredible view! There is something about the quietness of mountains in the middle of the winter.

Midway, Utah
Then, we were off to Park City where Joanne wanted to walk around the Tangier Mall, which is located just off Kimball Junction. We did have a good walk, which, we hoped, could be counted as part of our walking exercise. If not, we’re still counting it. The good part was we didn’t spend a lot of money. I think Joanne just bought a few socks, but we did have a good time just walking.

Blue Iguana
 We drove back through Park City and stopped on Main Street. Joanne had previously purchased a GroupOn at the Blue Iguana, a Mexican restaurant. After parking on Main, we walked up the stairs to the Blue Iguana. The food was pleasantly delicious. Neither Joanne nor I could finish our dishes. We decided we probably could have ordered just one dish and shared. Apparently, our Blue Boar Inn breakfast was still upon us even though it was four hours later. Our table overlooked the Sundance Film Festival TV headquarters. The Sundance Film Festival will begin next week, and the entire city was preparing for it.

Main Street in Park City
On the way home, we drove through Heber City and then on to home. We did stop along the way to bask in the beauty of the reservoir and Mt. Timpanogas at the end. Incredible view from our angle, one that one could bask in for a long time.

Reservoir and Mt. Timpanagas
We loved our trip to the Heber Valley and Park City. 

Still in love after 35 years!