Saturday, May 7, 2016

Moms are everywhere--Happy Mother's Day

Joanne, May 2016

Moms are made of lovely things.
They see everything, know everything,
are everywhere, and do everything for us.
It is no wonder children have moms.

Joanne and the girls in Idaho Falls
Children need mothers!

Joanne and the girls in Miles City
When we come in the door from school
or from anywhere, we shout out for them,
wait to hear their voices, and when hearing it,
we know we are safe and all is well.

Joanne and the girls in Miles City
 When we are older and out of home,
we write, phone, and text, Facebook her,
just to say hello, just to know
she is there for us—once again.

The Hammon Family, Christmas 2015

When they take their last breath,
we sometimes do the same,
revert to when we were children,
calling for our mothers, crying for them, 

Darrel, Joanne, and their beautiful and intelligent grandchildren
wondering whether they are hearing.
What comforts me is the knowledge
 that she is still there, watching over me,
understanding everything I am going through,
smiling as I continue to grow and develop,
crying with me when troubles arise,
and applauding the good that I do.

Each and every day I remember her,
feel her presence, and then on Mother’s Day,
we raise our voices and praise her,
our mothers, no matter where they live,
here or there beyond the veil.
She is our mother, alive or living. 

Happy Mother's Day!