Sunday, October 7, 2007

San Diego and the temple

San Diego was great! The weather was absolutely beautiful. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Since we didn’t have anything until the next morning, we figured out the trolley system and went to Old Town for lunch. It was okay. We have both had better Mexican food. We then walked up to the Mormon Battalion museum. It was wonderful. We watched a movie and then visited with the couple missionaries. Actually, we visited with the male portion since the females were off doing other tours. Then we walked back through and looked a few things and then headed home. We truly wanted to go to the temple. And what a trip that was.

We arrived back at the hotel (Manchester Hyatt), got ready, and then got back on the trolley and headed back to Old Town, since we knew bus system started there with Bus 105. We waited about fifteen minutes and then caught the bus. For the next thirty minutes or so, we weaved in and out of traffic, down back roads, and finally ended up at a mall about a mile or two from the temple. We thought there was another bus that could take us there; but, alas, we couldn’t find one. Plus, we didn’t even see a taxi at the mall. We walked down to the main road and across to another set of strips malls because I had seen a taxi go that direction. Finally, we hailed a taxi, and within two minutes and $4.00 we were at the front door of the temple.

Absolutely stunning! Joanne and I made the 7:30 p.m. session. The San Diego Temple is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever been in. The Celestial Room was gorgeous. We stayed there for a bit and just looked around. Finally, we knew we had to go home. We donned our Sunday best and headed outside where I tried to call Mow, the guy who brought us from the strip mall. On about the fourth try I got him. Had I not, I have no idea how we would have made our way home. Well, $42 and fifteen minutes later, we made it back to the hotel. We were so glad we went to the temple. It was a great experience, one that we now can cherish.