Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flowers and Life

Flowers and Life
Darrel L. Hammon

For me--and I hope for you--flowers tend to soften the blow of challenges in life. I enjoy going out in early morning and looking at flowers. My father grew many different kinds of flowers, but he and my mother loved peonies best. While I have attempted to grow peonies, they have not flourished like they flourished at our home in Menan, Idaho. So, I look at my neighbors' flowers or my other family members' gardens.

Here are some flower pictures that soothe me and remind me that God's hand is in everything. Put on your most soothing music and enjoy a few of flower pictures I love.

Bleeding Hearts are incredible dainty flowers. My bother Dennis can really take good pictures of these flowers.

Calla Lilies--gorgeous, dainty.

More lilies.

Joanne's favorites--daisies. These are triplets

Yellowish orange sun flower. I took this at my sister Delaina's house in Rigby, Idaho.

Yellow sunflowers early in the a.m. They are searching for the sun's rays.

A cluster of red sunflowers

One of my personal favorites--Hydrangea. We had lots of these in Lewiston, Idaho.

Hollyhocks--What is a garden without Hollyhocks!

Another yellow sunflower
Petite roses at Anna Rose's house in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Yellow Lilly
Clematis--Let one of these climb on a trellis in your front or back yard. They are gorgeous and add to the decor of your garden.
These are just a few I wanted to share. More to come as summer progresses.

Now, I expect all of you to look at your flower gardens differently and create a blog about your experiences with God's creations: flowers.