Tuesday, November 14, 2023

“Leaning In”

Poem of the Day, Tuesday, November 14, 2023

“Leaning In”

Life’s winds will always blow,
some short and gentle,
others gale-force and vicious!

Yet, we must not take a break
during those tumultuous times.

Rather, it is about leaning into the wind,
head bowed, looking up periodically
forging ahead, not letting it
blow us off course or deter us.

Leaning into the wind fortifies us
to continue forward until the wind dies down,
perhaps dissipates for a moment of reprieve.

At that moment, we can look at our steps,
realizing we have continued on our path—
a bit frayed, clothes tattered, hair askew,
feelings on the edge, but we are moving
forward, ever forward, still trundling on.

Instead of being harried, disheartened,
we now feel refreshed, energized,
and renewed because we have leaned in,
steadied ourselves to carry on
into the sunshine of life, stronger,
poised, ready to take on another gale,
which will come in time.

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