Tuesday, November 21, 2023

“A Feeling of Belonging”

Poem of the Day, Tuesday, November 21, 2023

“A Feeling of Belonging”

For some of us, it seems,
we don’t belong anywhere.

The world is changing
around us so quickly
and drastically
that sometimes we cringe.

People have grasped
the chains of prosperity,
many at any cost,
losing their grip
on reality
of what should be.

Some redefine happiness
and joy to be more
superfluous, banal,
and outright contradictory,
and begin to be caught up
in themselves
and no one else.

At home when they stand
in front of their mirrors,
they know not who they are
and sense a declining connection
to everything around them,
including a sense of belonging,
putting them into a spiral spin.

Surely, there is some way
to climb out of this abyss
of loneliness, self-pity,
and disengagement.

The only way I have discovered
is to make a personal choice
to begin to see things differently,
think of others, love God,
follow His will, and hear,
heed, and hearken
to prophetic voices,
true, constant, personal.

Once we begin to choose
a different path,
pivoting just so a degree or two,
clawing our way out 
with all our might,
the light will return,
spreading an innate understanding
and recognition of who
we really are,
from whence we came,
and where we are divinely
destined to go,
our true nature returning
to us and in us,
and we will begin
the climb again,
upward and ever onward
to where we really belong.

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