Thursday, November 9, 2023

“The Art of Life”

Poem of the Day, Thursday, November 9, 2023

“The Art of Life”

Growing old tends to make one reflect
on the past, the present,
the upcoming future.
It is no wonder that people panic,
feel they have wasted their lives.

When you really analyze it,
put pen to paper
or fingers to keyboard
and write the things,
even the simple ones,
that you are proud of,
see as your accomplishments,
or those that make you happy,
it will truly amaze you,
maybe even surprise you.

You can assess your choices,
good and bad,
review the twists and turns
of your life, knowing full well
that many were good,
propelling you to do the things
you were supposed to, needed to.

Granted, there are things
that frost us, cause some pain
and, perhaps, a bit of shame,
but those are in the past,
not worth dredging up
or opening wounds again,
especially if you have worked 
through them and have healed.

Yet, when we think
of the positive things,
we smile, tears fall unabashedly,
feelings of happiness wash over us.

At that moment, we understand
that our past created us,
allowed us to become
artists in the art of life,
creating, composing, learning,
absorbing, changing, and becoming
better, kinder, and more self-aware
each day, knowing
that our choices made us
who and whose we are.

Yes, we have done well.
Still, there is more to come.
Our past will propel us
to the future so we can live
each day more selflessly.

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