Saturday, November 18, 2023

“Beauty comes in pieces and parts”

Poem of the Day, Saturday, November 18, 2023

“Beauty comes in pieces and parts”

Beauty comes in pieces and parts,
and I have often wondered why.
Overtime, I have concluded
that we cannot handle all the beauty
at once for there is just way too much,
no matter where you look
or where you travel
or what you see.

Think of the quaken aspens in the fall,
laden with their beautiful golden leaves,
gently rustling in the wind
as it dances between the branches.

Think of high mountain lakes, pristine and cold,
fat rainbow and brook trout surfacing
just in time to capture the small flies
or mosquitos hovering just above the calmness
while an osprey lingers nearby, waiting for its turn.

Think of the herd of does moseying,
through the meadow,
flicking their tails as they saunter
while a six-point buck stands
in the shade at the edge, waiting and watching.

Think of the rows and rows of potatoes
ready to be harvested in the fall
in eastern Idaho and the section
of golden wheat next to it,
standing guard until the combines come.

Think of my mom’s double peonies
sagging because of the weight
of their blossoms—reds, whites, pinks—
and the huge snowball bush in the front yard.

Think of playas of Bayahibe and La Isla Saona
and snorkling just off the shore in turquoise water,
near the old dock and seeing types of fish
you have never seen before or ever will again.

Think of our children and grandchildren
as they grow and develop,
become conversationists and successful.

It is no wonder God does not let us see it all at once.
The greatness and the extravaganza of splendor
would overcome and overpower us.

But each piece and part that we see
and experience encircles us
for those precious moments we are there,
and then we tuck them away in our brains,
our phones, our Facebook and Instagram pages,
and let our fingers stroll through the beauty
one picture at a time, kindling memories
that will seldom fade because new beauty
all around us never ceases to be,
always magnificent, never-ending, and eternal.

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