Monday, November 6, 2023

Lifelong Learning

Poem of the Day, Monday, November 6, 2023

"Lifelong Learning"

I have discovered along the way
that life is all about learning,
not just schoolbooks, degrees,
parchment, and such.
It’s really about learning to learn,

learning how to change,
and then changing what we should have
learned and learn just a bit more.
For some, learning stops
at the end of college,

those fateful days
in May or December
or whenever someone hands you
a diploma or certificate,
when you line up in caps and gowns,

wait our turn for our three seconds
on podium and then off we go
into a world we really know little about.
In actuality, if you take notes,
it’s just the beginning

of real learning, real practice,
real time, and real application.
Lifelong learning enhances us, provides us
with methods to see more clearly
and profoundly and a way

to elevate our own being
in so many innovative situations.
It includes a sense of achievement
of knowing you really can learn more
than you can ever imagine.

Life is all about learning things.
Knowledge oozes out of every corner
and crack in our lives during good
and challenging times.
Often it just seeps by us, ready for us

to just reach out and grab some,
or hangs from luscious baskets
within our reach,
but often we do not take advantage
of the proliferation of learning new things.

Perhaps, now is the time to begin
anew, sense the newness around us—
in the air, on the street, at our job,
at church, and within our families.
Learning is an investment,

yielding high benefits and interest
and no recession ever.
Invest now and often
and keep your bank account growing.
Every. Single. Day.

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