Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Poem of the Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2023


It’s really about perspective,
aligning yours, mine, his,
hers, theirs, ours, etc.

My perspective is different
and still acceptable if you look
at the things I have accomplished
along the way in my long life.

I grew in the country, had chores,
early mornings, cold days, cows,
chickens, pigs, horses to feed,
lawns to mow and snow to shovel,
and a father who was adamant
about doing chores early
and being on time.

He had more work for us
when we complained.
His method of discipline was old-school
and would not be approved today.
Yet, it worked for us.

I learned much about paying attention,
working hard, knowing I could
do lots of things on my own.
I didn’t complain much
because it didn’t do any good.
Just plowed forward, doing,
improving, and doing more.

Now, when I see others not doing
the same things and moaning
about doing simple things
and not having this or that
or playing on phones and video games,
wasting time like time is nothing,

I see it from my perspective:
Pay attention. Be anticipatory.
Just do what needs to be done.
Quit moaning! Work. Learn.
Move forward! Go and do—
All with a dose or two
of kindness and compassion!

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