Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Shouts of Joy!”

Poem of the day, Thursday, November 30, 2023

This concludes November poem month! I hope you have enjoyed reading my November poems.

“Shouts of Joy!”

So many challenges
and bleakness
confront us each day,
oozing over us,
often filling our lives
with despair and sadness.

All this can darken our lives,
thoughts, and our very beings—
if we allow it.

Yet, there is much light
and joy within us
and around us
that chases away this darkness—

The joy and love of family,
our abilities to see
good in all things,
the kindness we share
with others around us,
the many blessings 
we have received,
the knowledge
of our divine destiny
and whose we really are
can carry us away
from the forlornness
of impending doom.

Looking to the heavens
and aligning with Him
whose birth
we gloriously celebrate
in December—
hopefully each day—
propel us
into the light
and the joy of it all.

Each day we can sing
the joyous songs
and memories of our lives,
thinking of the positive and eternal.

Let our shouts of joy
be loud and clamorous!

Let our exclamations
of joy be filled
with what we can become!

Let our joy be felt and heard
against the din of despair,
and we shall have
everlasting joy!

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