Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Weightier Things

November Poem Day #16

The Weightier Things

We often live a life
of ease and superficiality.
Everything is digital.
Cars almost run themselves.
You can manage
household appliances
from our phones.
Robust information can be
accessed in one click,
maybe two.

We worry
about how many likes
or hearts we receive
on our posts.
We worry too much
about how we look,
what clothes we wear,
and the size of our 401Ks.

What about
the weightier things
of the world—
Who we are,
and whose
we really are?

How our attitude
shapes our lives?
About the Atonement
of Jesus Christ?
About what happens
when we die?
The Plan of Happiness?
Or what we do
to become even better
human beings?
How we treat others?
More importantly,
the welfare of our families,
on both sides of the veil?

Should we not seek
the weightier, more profound
things of life
that will provide
a soulful purpose
and leads us
to never-ending happiness?

November 16, 2022

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