Monday, November 21, 2022

La Playa

November Poem Day #21

End of the Road in Samaná, DR

La Playa

The beaches are therapeutic,
especially in the early mornings
as we meander along them,
looking for seashells and sea glass,
simultaneously watching the east.

It’s quiet just before dawn,
a time you can contemplate life
and its many challenges.
Ironically, they seem to dissipate
as the mighty sun rises
stoically and boldly on the horizon.

The lapping waves crash onto the sand,
crawl up the beach into the seaweed
now lying in clumps intermixed
with seashells discarded
by other waves through the night.

As the waves recede, the sand absorbs
some salt water before it escapes
back into the sea, leaving the sand
wet and smooth until the little sand crabs
scamper across the beach, trying to find
the tiniest holes to enter and bury themselves.

Above us and further up the beach,
palm trees shimmer in the soft Caribbean wind
while the seabirds hover over the sea,
seeking for breakfast or just wanting
to interrupt the moment of quiet.
The softness and tranquility of it all
bring clarity and illumination to our souls.

It’s mesmerizing to stop and sit at the edge,
toes digging into the sand, arms wrapped around
pulled up knees to the chest, a silent staring
into the waves, crashing and creeping up
the beach and retracing their steps back to the sea.

We just watch, meticulously, basking
in the glorious hellos of morning,
greeting the rising sun, overshadowing
all feelings as a sense of belonging and longing
for more of this peace cascades over us,
rippling through our minds and hearts,
sensing the magnificence of Him who is the Creator!

November 21, 2022
a.m. in Puerto Plata

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