Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Animal crackers

November Poem Day #8

Animal crackers

I realize I am more mature
than I used to be
now with a pension
or two and living
in a 55+ community,
but my childhood infatuation
with animal crackers persists.
My parents purchased
my first animal crackers
years ago in a small box
with animals painted
on the sides behind bars
with a string attached
to each side of the box
so you could carry it
along with you.
I think the cookie makers
thought erroneously
that little kids would gobble
the giraffes and bears
and keep the camels
and rhinos at bay, safe
in the box for hours.
Little did they know
that animal crackers
don’t last long, really,
in the hands of five-year-olds
or a 60+-year-old.
Animal crackers are meant
to be eaten,
one tail or trunk
or leg at a time.
For me,
I am a whole animal
or a whole handful
kind of guy.
Just pop in
the whole animal
in my mouth
and be done with,
especially now
that I am older
and not as patient
as I used to be.
Plus, the little boxes are passé.
The big two-pounders
are just my size.
Of course, I will share
when asked,
with no strings attached.

November 8, 2022

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