Saturday, November 19, 2022


November Poem Day #19


Sunrises invigorate the soul,
no matter where you see them.
I particularly like sunrises
at the beach, my toes digging
into the sand that oozes
between them or standing
at the water’s edge like a sentinel,
watching the darkness turn into
shades of oranges and yellows
with some fringing blues.

As the sun tenuously makes its way
above the horizon, we bask
in the oranges and morning colors.
We saunter east along the beach
and onto the pier, extending out
over the calm sea in full view
of the brilliance of the morning.
Peering over the edge,
we see the water’s darkness,
turquoise during the day,
but now just a hue of night.

Dainty ripples displace the evening light,
as the reflecting rising sun’s rays
bounce along intermixing
the oranges, yellows, and dark greens.
The waves splash their way
to the shore, depositing the evening colors
onto the sand where the seaweed
has washed up overnight.

We just stand there, waiting
for the sun to immerse us
in the new morning, now creeping up
and over the far horizon,
becoming larger, engulfing everything,
and then popping up and over,
one giant ball of fire and beginning
its crawl through the sky, turning
the morning colors to piercing blues
with a few white puffy clouds,
the night dissipating into the water.

We lounge for a brief moment more,
eyes closed, faces toward the sun,
soaking up the rays and relishing
the early morning while sea birds scream
overhead, looking for a quick breakfast.

November 19, 2022

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