Friday, November 18, 2022

Cajoling words to come out and play

November Poem Day #18

Cajoling words to come out and play

Writing poetry or anything really is a challenge.
Sometimes the words just do not come out.
They linger longer than they need to,
gurgling somewhere deep within you
or hover just on the surface,

just waiting to spill out onto the page,
making more noise than they should.
Somethings, they plop out like globs of mud
covering your whole pages with words
but not in the right places.

You have to use either a broom
to sweep the lounging ones away
or a paintbrush to stroke them into place.
Other times, a mere poof of our breath
will press them perfectly in line.

Words are meant to sing highs and lows,
dance waltzes or jitterbugs, or even melt
in your mouth when they touch your tongue,
quicken your mind, ease peace into your soul.
Words can do that and so much more,

if you let them, coax them, cajole them,
and even command them into place,
promising them they will thrill the world.
Once they juxtapose where they need to go,
where you want them to go and stay,

then they become simultaneously
delicious and savory,
peaceful and meaningful,
kind and compassionate,
vibrant and wistful,
bold but not overbearing
to all who read them
in the right mind,
the right place,
the right mood.

November 18, 2022

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