Friday, November 11, 2022

Pieces of beauty in the minutia

November Poem Day #11:

Pieces of beauty in the minutia

Have you considered a tea rose petal
or even a single water skipper
skipping along the creek bank?

Or what about an acorn
water chestnut,
or single golden leaf
newly fallen to the ground?

The single blacked-eyed Susan 
amidst tall weeds and thistles
or the cluster of grapes
dangling ever so gallantly
along the fence line?

A praying mantis or caterpillar
hidden so surreptitiously
in the green foliage of spring?

A loon’s eerie hooting
at night while you sit
on boat dock covered
with a blanket and watching
the moon crisscross the sky?

A bike ride along a river in the fall
or a cool walk in fresh snow?

Ladybugs dotting so many flowers
in the flower garden?

Bees gliding in and out
of roses, clematis, peonies,
sunflowers, and daffodils?

Or even string beans, pea pods,
radishes, gooseberries,
and tomatoes in the garden?

The quiet smile of a passerby,
the cellist on a street corner
playing as if no one is watching,
or a hovering seagull at the beach?

A baby fast asleep in her crib,
or a toddler finding a rolly poly
or butterfly in the backyard,
fluttering ever so daintily in the air?

All these—and millions more—
are the minutia of life,
the pieces and parts
of a much bigger cosmic plan
than we know—at least for now.

Yes, it is the little things
that bring beauty
into our chaotic world,
and together they turn
the simple into the significant,
a glorious proclamation of eternity.

November 11, 2022

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