Sunday, November 20, 2022

Light becomes us

November Poem Day #20

Light becomes us

I feel more comfortable
traveling in the light
than in the darkness.

Landscapes, markers,
signs, people in crosswalks
are far more visible
in the light.

Darkness covers the familiar,
leaving the world
almost unrecognizable.

The light within us
is the same.

We see ourselves,
our whole selves,
so much better
when we are filled
with true light.

When darkness creeps in
because of choices
and mismatched values,
we lose sight
of the constant signs,
markers, and guides
that have helped us
along the way.

Light creates a vision
beyond ourselves
when we inject it
every single day,
diminishing the power of darkness,
and empowering us
to doing things
we have never done
seeing things
we have never seen
feeling things
that are truly worth feeling.

It's those consistent
daily injections of light,
now and forever,
that shape us,
heal us,
and give us
more light
to chase away darkness,
to see and become
who we really are,
growing brighter
and brighter
until that perfect day!

November 20, 2022

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