Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Magical Moments

Day 10--"Magical Moments"

Magic Moments

I have discovered over time
that it is not the grandiose things
that matter most in life.

It is the magic moments
when we are doing simple things
like walking along river banks
with a loved one, skipping rocks
with your children on mountain lakes
or even streams along the freeway,
eating ice cream cones at every local ice parlor
you come to on a road trip,
eating chicken too dry to eat
at the backyard BBQ and laughing
until the root beer spews out your nose,
or snugging under blankets
with flashlights blaring, telling stories
about growing up in the country,
or driving down a deserted highway
with family while listening
to Jim Dale read unforgettable passages
from Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone
all while chomping on licorice,
huge lemon drops, and kettle corn.

What about baking cookies on Sunday afternoons
as storm clouds gather in west?
What about playing basketball games
or tennis matches, not really keeping score, per se?
Can there be any other moments
that will last over time,
grueling heartbreaks, or even death?

Once we discover this,
hopefully before times of youth
disappear like bell bottoms and wide ties,
we can then focus on the magical moments,
truly those inconspicuous times
that just crop up during some non-event,
only to become eternal memories,
feelings oozing through our minds
and imbedding in our hearts forever.


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