Monday, November 8, 2021

Fearful and Wonderfully Made

Fearful and Wonderfully Made
(Inspired by Jennifer Sizemore)

Sometimes we wonder who we really are,
whether we were made, created,
or just emerged from the muddy goo

like a slug along the early morning beach.
My tendencies are that we were created
by some greater being, even a Heavenly Father,

becoming His sons and daughters on this earthly sphere.
He knows us each individually, understands
our feelings and moments of anger.

It is during these times, I often wonder
if I am really destined to be like God is.
Yet, I know deep down, really deep down,

that I have come from so far to do
so many great things, that I tremble at times,
feeling lackluster, inadequate, insignificant.

But I also know that He created me
to be wonderful, persistent, fearful, someone
who should know better than sometimes I act.

In the biblical sense, fear really means “awe.”
Thus, fearful, means full of awe for God,
truly something we can diligently strive for

in our earthly journey so that one day,
we truly can say, we are fearful—
yes, even full of awe—and wonderfully made

in His image, which makes us one with Him,
truly a feeling both edifying and spiritually expedient
to me now and forever more.


MomJill said...

Oh, this is such a thought provoking poem with powerful doctrine. Thank you for sharing

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

MomJill, thank you! It was fun to write....