Thursday, November 11, 2021

Dawn Comes Early…

Day 11--"Dawn Comes Early..."

Dawn Comes Early…

Dawn comes early in the east.
Often, the sun gathers large at first
and then shrinks behind huge purple,
gray clouds until it succumbs
while the clouds pass, and it rises
further than the clouds.

Streaming rays, oranges and reds
on the horizon, speak softness
to the new day, always moving
in one steady, upward course,
somewhere around the world.

With some trepidation, I walk out
into the dark morning turning new day,
notice the oranges and the reds in the east,
trying desperately to show themselves,
maybe even heave themselves toward the west,
where later in the day, they again succumb
to the night and slip away further into the west.

Yet, I walk on, speculating why the sun creeps along
so tenuously at first, then confidently during the day.

It is like I am— tenuous at first,
and then boldly although not overbearingly.

Perhaps, I should walk early,
try to catch the sun, learn from its steadiness
and how it works to make the world
brighter, happier, consistent.

Perhaps, I should sit on the hill
and just watch the sun, just watch it
grow big and round and bright.

Perhaps, I should just close my eyes,
think of those mornings when I walk boldly
out into the rain, the snow, the heavy winds,
head down, not thinking of anything in particular—
just the mere thought of trudging forward,
into the early morning, thinking of home,
a hot bath, and Cheerios—

all one steady upward course, now and forever.

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