Monday, November 1, 2021

Just Begin Now...

 I have decided that I will write a poem per day in November. They may not be 10/10 kind of poems but poems nonetheless.

November 1, 2021

Just Begin Now...

Every beginning is difficult to begin.
Often, we do not anticipate the end
although we hope for a particular ending.

Too often, we think so hard
about beginning
that we do not begin at all.

Instead, we mope around,
wondering what we should do,
call a few people but paying no attention
to what they say,
fret incessantly about what might happen
or could happen if we fail,
and act too skittish
because we place every challenge
too close in our line of vision
and impede our positive progress.

It does not dawn on us
that we have already failed
if we do not just go and do.

We must just begin now,
knowing there will be an ending
sometime in the future.

We can direct the end,
based on our beginning,
wise choices, our diligence,
and persistence following through
until the very end.

Definite bumps in the path
will invariably appear out of nowhere,
even surprise us.

Other times, we place them in our path
because we become too anxious
about the end
and what it might bring.

Planning can help.
      Patience will help.
            Plowing forward will definitely help.

The key hinges on beginning now,
when you think about it,
and never looking back.

Plowing forward, ever forward!

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