Monday, February 14, 2011

To Joanne

To Joanne

Thinking of you today (and every day…)
charms me, warms me through to the core,
knowing full well you are the reason

why we are and continue moving forward.
You are the reason for all our happiness,
the girls, our nice home, our spirituality,

yes, even delicious food on the table.
You are the reason why I am what I am.
I wanted you to be proud of me.

I wanted your eyes, your gorgeous smile, your consistency,
your warmth, your comfort, and more, always more.
And you gave it, time and time again, without thought,

no matter what I did or what I didn’t do.
You still gave willingly, lovingly, often. It is no wonder
Father made me wait, wander around in my thoughts.

He knew I needed you more than you needed me
to buoy me up during difficult times,
share my odd humor, push me out the door

when I needed it, coo soft words of encouragement,
clap thunderously when I succeeded, even the little ones.
I know I married up, way beyond

my dreams and aspirations. I can only say,
“Thank you, Father. Thank you for sending me
Joanne when I needed her the most.”

Eternity is a long time; but to be with you,
time seems to float like mist on the Snake
in the early morning—yet, at midday, it rises,

surreptitiously disappears into the trees,
and the vista opens to new horizons,
to you and me, far beyond anything we imagined.

Yes, eternity is a long time, and I am willing
to spend it with you, now and forever.
Thank you, Joanne. I love you!

Darrel L. Hammon
February 2011

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Dear Chicka said...

Dad this is amazing. You and mom are such a good example to me of what a strong and everlasting marriage should be like. Christiaan said to me just today after reading this how blessed we both are to have parents that love each other and taught us how to love our (now) spouses unconditionally. Love you dad.