Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day

Snow day today! It started last night and continued through today. I went out and shoveled a pile of it. It was the light fluffy stuff, beautiful! The wind blew differently this afternoon. Normally, I have drifts across the front yard and in front of the garage, but today, no drifts happened in the front. But in the back along the south side, there was a large drift. Normally, the winds come from the northwest, but today I have no idea where they came from, definitely not the northwest.

We pray for snow so that our "parched lands will receive the moisture they need." Then, when it finally comes and sticks a bit, we complain about the white stuff. What is up with that? I am glad it is here because I know it snowed even harder in the mountains. I am sure the skiers love it, and I am sure the farmers downstream love it, especially when we think of the luscious flora and fauna that will come later this spring and into the summer. There is nothing more beautiful than a bed of flowers, all kinds and all colors. I am looking forward to it.

So, it is still snowing in Cheyenne. More white. More beauty. More shoveling. Isn't it grand?

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