Monday, June 26, 2023

2023 Sunset Court HOA Picnic Extravaganza!

We attended the HOA Summer picnic on Saturday! What a treat! I guess when you combine more than a thousand years of cooking experience and potluck specials, and you put that all on two table, you have a gourmet meal served up for a glorious dining experience and worth going back for seconds! 

From several types of pasta salads to homemade macaroni and cheese to meatballs, to baked beans to rhubarb/strawberry crisp to cinnamon rolls to corn salad—all deliciously divine. 

It was a challenge to choose which dishes to try, so I started at one end and had a spoonful of each. 

By the time I arrived at the end of the table, my plate was more than full. 

For dessert, I had to use another plate to grab a cinnamon roll before they all fled to someone else’s plate. 

It was a delightful afternoon for all 29 of us! 

A special welcome to Dick and Barbara Veatch and Pauline Crump!

Thanks to all of you for the delicious food, wonderful conversation, enjoyable and happy atmosphere, and a beautiful overcast afternoon.

See you all in September for our annual meeting and picnic!

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