Monday, February 8, 2021

"Moving Mountains": a poem

I have thought a lot about the challenges, maybe our personal mountains to climb, we have been facing over the past several months, so I wrote a poem titled "Moving Mountains," using some photos of mountains/hills I have taken along the way.....Enjoy! You can also see this on YouTube:

Here is the full text:

Moving Mountains

 Mountains in our lives seem to engulf us,

cause us to shrink from even starting,
lulling us into self-pity and wallowing in our woes
to the point of spiraling and stumbling.

Surely, we must realize:
All that does not become us.
That is not who we really are.
Yet, once we rise up,
eyes focused on the way,
we will know what we need to do.

Once we choose to face that challenge,
our own personal mountain,
with faith, not fear,
we begin the steady, arduous ascent,
step by step, scrambling up and over
boulders and even small rocks,
the minutia of our everyday lives,
that hide the view from us
because we place them
so close in our line of vision
as to obstruct the big picture,
even the view of it all.

At each corner of our journey,
if we look carefully and sometimes quickly,
we catch just a fleeting glimpse
of the mountain top,
our ultimate goal.
But now we know
what the summit looks like,
that vision filling our minds
of what’s to come.

As we continue forward,
steadfast, diligent, persistent,
waiting in hope and striving to endure,
we ultimately hear those penetrating whispers
and songs of exclamation and praise
from Him whose love we seek.
Then, our hearts and minds overflow
with gratitude for this more excellent way.

What propels us now is hearing
and feeling and knowing
that yes, we are enough
and that we can move mountains!

Darrel L. Hammon

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