Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mini-Reunions: Time of Reflecting, Reminiscing, and Eating

Mini-Reunions: Time of Reflecting, Reminiscing, and Eating
Darrel L. Hammon

Sunday, February 1, 2015--The first day of the month and incredible Sunday. 

We had a wonderful time this evening to visit with several senior missionaries who served in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Area Office with us. Los Dunford had invited several of to their daughter's Heather's home in Provo to share some cake, pictures, and converations with them. Those who share a few moments were los Dunford, Eickbush, Crismon, Brown, and Johnson. It was good seeing all of them. We had Hermana Hernández’s famous "Tres Leches" torta (three milk cake), which was absolutely fantastic! We had a good visit. Each of us told a little about what we were doing, and then we saw some pictures from the mission. It was great to reminisce about life in the mission and post mission.

Los Dunford--They hosted the event at their daughter's home. How I didn't have a picture of them at this event is amazing, but here is one from the mission. They haven't changed much--still the handsome couple they are with incredibly warm smiles for everyone.

Los Dunford
 Los Johnson--They served in the Area Office, he as Assistant General Counsel, and she as special projects coordinator for the Area Office. She produced some incredible videos about the Caribbean Area.

Los Johnson
 Los Brown--They served in the Santo Domingo West Mission Presidency and traveled thousands of miles through the West Mission, helping missions, Church leaders, and others learn about their duties. We think they had the toughest mission because at times, they didn't have running water, electricity, or air conditioned. They were definitely mission warriors. And they lived to tell about it.

Los Brown

Los Eickbush--They were incredibly loved by the missionaries in the Santo Domingo East Mission. They served in the office and were literally the parents of many, many young missionaries from around the world.

Los Eickbush
Los Crismon--They replaced us as Area Welfare Specialists. Plus, when los Haws went home, they also picked up the humanitarian projects in the Dominican Republic. They were busy, busy, but they had a good time travel around and taking advantage of the many sites in the DR, especially the gorgeous beaches.

Los Crismon

Los Hammon--Of course, we served as Area Welfare Specialists and in the Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center (MTC) Presidency.

Los Hammmon
We also had the pleasure of taking home Elder Eickbush's famous banana bread. During the mission, he frequently supplied every couple fresh banana bread. The guineos (bananas) were plentiful in the Dominican Republic, and Elder Eickbush was always baking. Even when we returned home to live in Pleasant Grove, he would drop by periodically with his fresh banana bread. We have missed having it. I know our grandchildren loved it when he would come by and bring a fresh loaf. Thanks, Elder Eickbush (Frances)!

Sacks of Elder Eickbush's famous banana bread--yum!
We had a delightful time with everyone. Soon, though, we all had to leave. We all gave each other Dominican abrazos and said our goodbyes, with the caveat that we would see each other soon. There is a better event on a Sunday evening--or any evening for that matter--than spending it with good friends y hermanos de la misión?

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