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Halloween: A Belated View from the Extended Studies Building at UVU

"Halloween: A Belated View from the Extended Studies Building at UVU"
Darrel L. Hammon

Halloween is one of the days of the year when people trade their regular selves for some character they want to be or think would be a good character to imitate. During the normal work day, they are one type of person, but when they don the costume or the persona of the character they choose to be for the day, they seem different.

Take Rebecca and Carlee from Concurrent Enrollment. Carlee had been planning her costume for some time. Rebecca couldn't decide until early Halloween morning when she was lying in bed wondering what she was going to be. Then, she had an epiphany!

Rebecca and Carlee from Concurrent Enrollment
While Halloween is a day to dress up and become someone else, it is no different than any other day when food is involved. Our building had a potluck with all sorts of goodies to eat. If one didn't eat his/her fill, then something was terribly wrong. As with all potlucks, more food is available that can be eaten--at least in one setting. It was all delicious!

the gang from Concurrent Enrollment + Ellen from Community College Programs

 Lily, from Brazil, who works in Extended Studies shows off her "cute" outfit. She was a bit disappointed when everyone thought she was cute because of her outfit.

Lily in her whole outfit
It was cute until you actually looked at face. Now, here is the face up close. Isn't that a bit bizarre and scary?

Lily and her face
Of course, there always has to be one who scares the pants off everyone. Ruth, the Extended Studies Director, had told me she was going to don a pretty scary costume. In fact, she mentioned that she had placed her costume on her bed and forgot about it. When she returned and looked on her bed, there was the mask, and it scared her spitless. So, I was on the computer, pounding away on an email, when I heard this heavy breathing. When I looked at the doorway, there she was, crouched, wearing the mask on the right, peering into the doorway. I literally said aloud: "Ahhhhhh!" It was a bit frightening to look at the doorway and see this face, staring up at me. The picture does not do it justice. You just had to have to been there.

Ruth and her different "personas"

Now, Matt had one of the coolest costumes. I witnesses the make up routine in the restroom. I walked in, and there he was applying the make up. He said, "They told me it was time for me to put on my costume; so that's what I am doing." Fortunately for me, I saw him without all of the make up first before. He is was one scary dude.

 Vicki who works in Extended Studies took on this persona. 

Now, when Vicki and Matt got together, they seemed to match up well. They didn't realize it until they donned their costumes and stood side by side.

Vicki and Matt
Joy from Extended Studies was delightful! During lunch, she came around to everyone and asked them to pick a pocket. Then, she pulled a delicious treat from that pocket. If she is going to bring treats everyday, then she can wear this costumer with lots of pockets. Thanks, Pocket Lady!

Joy, the Pocket Lady
Of course, you always have to have the Prom Queen, and Cara was perfect. Her modest blue dress was the same one she wore for one of her "Miss Beauty" pageants. She was so happy she could still fit into it.

And here is everyone in their costumes. 

Everyone who dressed up and who wanted their picture taken
It was a fun day with fun people! Thank you!

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