Sunday, July 6, 2014

Psalm of Darrel: A Breath to Praise the Lord

I taught the Gospel Doctrine class today. Our lesson was Lesson 25: "Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise the Lord." It was a beautiful lesson about Psalms in the Old Testament and their many teachings gratitude, love, mercy, forgiveness, blessings, prophecies of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, scripture, temples, the creation. 

As part of the lesson, I had everyone try their hand at writing a Psalm. I wrote mine last night as I was finishing my lesson preparations and then presented it to the class today. I urged class members to finish their Psalm and post it on their blog or share it with someone. 

So, today, I post the Pslam of Darrel because I have "breath to praise the Lord."

Psalm of Darrel

Oh, my Father who art in Heaven,
Thou who dwells in my heart,
Thou who diligently watches over me each day!
My heart swells when I breathe Thy name,
when it touches my lips, when it rests of upon my mind.
I sing praises to thy Holy name.
My soul delights when I read Thy holy words
And the words of Thy Holy Son whose atonement
breaks me free from my hapless and lonely sphere.

When I behold the majesty of the mountains, I praise Thee.
When I watch the plants and flowers grow in my garden, I praise Thee.
When I am with Thy choice daughter,
my bride of almost 35 years, I praise Thee.
When I hold my grandchildren in my arms, I praise Thee.
My heart shouts glorious praises each day for all that I have
for I recognize it all comes from Thee.

But my heart groans because of my weaknesses;
yet, I know and feel of Thy pure love for me
despite my many frailties made human because of my choices.
I kneel night and day, humbled because of my knowledge of Thee.
Often my weaknesses seep into my mind, cloud my vision of what may be.
Ashamed, I pray harder, hoping Thou will come to me
like the still yet piercing small voice that came to those in Bountiful.

Then, Thy consuming love envelopes me,
holds me closer than I can ever feel.
Thy closeness chases away my thoughts of weakness.
For those brief moments, I succumb to Thy will,
and pray that I may have more brief moments to feel
thy glorious spirit spilling over me like rain waters of spring.

For those brief moments, I feel encased in Thy Holy Love,
Thy holy thoughts, penetrating me to the core of my soul.
For those brief moments, I feel I am home,
knowing what I must do to return to Thee,
contemplating ways to overcome my weaknesses,
staying quietly by my bedside,
drinking deeply of Thy Holy Spirit,
knowing  ever more clearly of my path,
praying for clear visions of what I am to do,
promising, once again, “Thy will be done.”
And by day, I wax bold in my convictions,
thankful that angels surround me, buoy me up.

And thus it is; and thus it ever will be
when I obey and listen to Thy Holy word.
May Thy Holy Spirit engulf me like the fires
of everlasting peace and comfort 
and the glory and majesty of all Thy creations
for I now know whose I am—for I am Thine.
Amen and Amen.


MomJill said...

Oh that is lovely! I taught Lesson 24 today :-)

Unknown said...

In one word "wonderful"

Robert Dunford said...

Thank you for sharing this, Darrel. It is eloquent.

Unknown said...

I related to much, if not all, of what you expressed in your psalm. It was so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing Darrel!