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Wilma Boltz: Birthdays Can be Fun Even at 89!

Wilma Boltz: Birthdays Can be Fun Even at 89!

"Birthdays should always be celebrated, no matter how old or how feeble you may feel."

John, Joanne, Mother Boltz, Lou Jean, and Kevin
On Saturday, January 18, 2014, the Boltz family gathered in the Wilkinson Center at BYU in Provo to officially celebrate Mother Boltz’s  89th birthday. It was a grand affair. All of the Boltz children—Kevin, Lou Jean, Joanne, and John—were present. It isn’t often when the four siblings gather in one place, but that Saturday they were. Unfortunately, not all of the grandchildren attended, but a goodly number made it a special time for Mother Boltz.

All that beauty....
For being 89, Mother Boltz looked pretty good! LaWane, John’s wife, had previously taken Mother Boltz to the “beauty parlor” to have her hair done, something she thoroughly enjoys. She looked spectacular!

The Beauty Queen, even at 89....
Helen, Kevin’s wife, had brought a gorgeous golden crown for the birthday girl. She looked like the queen that she is.

BYU catered a delicious potato bar with BYU’s famous mint brownies and even more famous Creamery Ice Cream. I had the honor of preparing Mother Boltz’s potato. Since she lived with us for five years, I thought I knew what she liked and didn’t like.

For the most part, she is one of those true Idahoans who desires everything on a baked potato. By the time I finished, the potato looked topped out, a perfect blend of sour cream, butter, cheese, onions, and chili. I thought, perhaps, I had applied way too many toppings. I carefully took it back to where she was sitting and said, “Do you think you can eat all of this?”

She just looked at me, smiled in her subtle way, and said, staring anxiously at her baked potato: “Oh yes! This looks delicious.” With that, she began eating.                                                                                                                                
Birthday Cake
As with all birthdays, birthday cakes are ubiquitous, even on your 89th. Of course, you almost cannot make a cake big enough to handle that many candles. So, two candles stood stoically on the cake. 
And we wonder what might have been her wish....
After we sang two robust rounds of “Happy Birthday to you,” Mother Boltz blew out the two candles with a little help from Kevin. It was precious!

Joanne and Lou Jean, two sisters
Of course, the grandchildren wanted to know whether there would be a 90th. Mother Boltz, in her candid way, stated: “I hope not.” She is funny, to say the least—and honest. Her health is holding. In fact, Kevin thought she was looking better than ever. So, perhaps, her 90th will be another celebration!

Mother Boltz with her two daughters, Lou Jean and Joanne
It was a delightful evening with the Boltz Family and friends, celebrating the 89th birthday of Mother Boltz, Grandmother Boltz, Great-Grandmother Boltz, and yes, even Wilma Boltz from Annis, Idaho. 

Kevin and his mother, deep in conversation
Tears rolled down several cheeks, laughter lingered even after clean up, memories and stories flowed with great abundance, and a feeling of love and being loved touched everyone who was there. Once again, we were gently reminded about the importance of families and their sacred nature.

So, Mother Boltz, we shall see you on your 90th!

The Boltz Family

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