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Christmas Beneath the Lake: From the Adventures of Bob the Bullfrog

Christmas Beneath the Lake: From the Adventures of Bob the Bullfrog

I just published my first children's book, Christmas Beneath the Lake: From theAdventures of Bob the Bullfrog. Here is the press release: 

Contact: Darrel L. Hammon
809.880.0252 (Dominican Republic)
801-380-3466 (Orem, Utah)

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 30, 2012

First-time children's book author, Darrel L. Hammon, believes that Santa never forgets “his children, no matter where they might be on Christmas Eve.” Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake answers the question that many children ask around Christmas: “Will Santa be able to find me even if we aren’t at home?”

 The mere thought of Santa Claus not visiting their homes, filling their stockings and leaving piles of presents under the tree can be a cause for great concern for many children.  Children may also pause for concern when they discover their homes do not have a fireplace, as, according to all the traditional stories, is the only way St. Nick can get into their homes to deliver his Christmas cheer. 

For Bob the Bullfrog and his family in Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake, this is exactly the fear the children are facing, as this particular Christmas, Bob’s family finds their home at the bottom of a very frozen lake. Bob and his siblings know that, because of the thick ice, there was no way that Santa could get through. Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake is the perfect tale of the how one child’s belief in the magic of Christmas can bring hope and joy.

Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake is truly a wonderful story “I am hoping that as families read Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake together this holiday season, they spend time thinking about the miracles that can happen no matter what time of the year it is,” Hammon explains. 

Hammon’s Bob the Bullfrog character originated many years ago after his daughters' pleadings for a bedtime story. “Over the years, my daughters urged me to publish the Bob the Bullfrog stories. I guess it was just time,” Hammon said. He also sees Bob the Bullfrog having many more adventures and is excited to finally see  them come to fruition. “Bob really represents all of us, and experiences and adventures that we have all had or wish we could have,” Hammon said.

Marcos Castillo, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, illustrated Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake. It is his first adventure in illustrating a children’s book, but certainly not his last.

Christmas Beneath a FrozenLake


Unknown said...

So happy for you to get published, Darrel! That's hard to do! Can't wait to buy me a copy of your treasure. ~Darla~

shawna said...

So happy to see you get published.. Wow that is my brother.. And yes it is a very cute book, Shawna

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Thanks for both of your comments. Hopefully, there will be more to come. Just keep promoting it far and wide....How's that for shameless...?