Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Miracle

"The Miracle"
Elder Darrel L. Hammon

Elder Hammon and his new friend, Milagrocita

One of our most favorite humanitarian projects is with Innovación Ortopédica. We have talked about this one before, but we experienced another miracle. We went to another entrega (a handing over) of five prosthetic limbs to five people, including an eight-year-old little girl named Milagrocita (Little Miracle). She was so precious. She has had this disability since birth, including a gnarled right hand. 


Milagrocita and her mother

As I was talking to Milagrocita about her new leg and about school and everything else, she laid her right little stump on my hand and held my hand with her good hand. It was an emotional moment. I could only think: What is going to happen to this little girl? She comes from a very poor family. Her mother told me because she was doing so well in school, she didn’t have to take the final exam. I told her she needed to be the best student in class. She flashed her cute little grin and said she would. Often, you just want to take some of these young children home.

Albania and her mother Maria
Maria, a woman came with her daughter Albania from Puerto Plata, which is a city about four hours north of Santo and received her prosthesis during the entrega. What was unique about this woman is she was a referral from Sister Louise Zobell from Sterling, Canada. About four months ago, I received a call from her. She said she had seen the Church’s website and noticed we did prosthesis in the DR. She and her family have been coming to Puerto Plata for the past several years. They were introduced to María Silvia on their last trip. She needed prosthesis, but Sister Zobell didn’t know where to go. Then, she began looking on the website and found us. We had a wonderful visit, and I told her I would contact María and find out what was needed. Long story, short, I visited with her daughter, gathered the information, obtained approval through the Caribbean Area Office, submitted her paperwork to Innovación Ortopédica, and the rest is history. Sister Zobell wanted to come, but she couldn’t. I informed her that she could be there—via Skype. So, I set up the computer at Innovación Ortopédica and Skyped in the Zobells. She cried through the whole thing. That is why the Lord had someone invent Skype. What an incredible day!

Aren't Milagrocita's new shoes cool?

Recipients with Daniel on the left and Carlos on the right. Daniel and Carlos are the miracle workers.

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