Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sonnet 1979 to Joanne

We had a wonderful Family Home Evening with all of the senior missionaries. Joanne and I were in charge of the event. We had each of the husbands write a poem to their wives. They submitted the poem and a photo of their spouse. I then put it in a PowerPoint presentation last night. It was a great hit. This is poem I wrote for Joanne and the photo I submitted.

Sonnet 1979
 to Joanne* 
From your husband, Darrel L. Hammon

 Shall I compare thee to a spring day?
Thou art more consistent and more giving:
Wyoming winds do beat the trees through May,
And spring’s sun fades far too early in the evening:
Often most kind thine eyes find mine
And frequent is thy quick smile spread;
And each kiss from cheek to ear truly a sign,
From heaven or temple’s constant course determin’d;
But thy eternal beauty shall not fade
Nor lose possession of my heart thou ownest;
Nor shall vicious torments tear me from thy side,
When in eternity together with me thou be’th:
So long as we can obey or hearts can agree,
So grateful to God for sending thee to me.

 *Imitation: Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18”)