Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Kits de Cocina: Missionary Service Project in the Dominican Republic"

 "Kits de Cocina: Missionary Service Project in the Dominican Republic"
Elder Darrel L. Hammon

Here in the Dominican Republic we have a Centro de Capacitacion Misional (CCM), which is the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in the Caribbean Area. Missionaries who will be serving in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or perhaps another Spanish-speaking county may spend some of their time here. 

As in all MTCs or CCMs, missionaries need service projects. Here in the Bishops' Storehouse, we have several projects the missionaries can do--everything from dry packing food to stocking shelves to cleaning. One of the projects we needed done was "Kits de Cocina" or Kitchen Kits for emergency purposes. Here are the items in a "Kit de Cocina":

English                            Spanish
   big aluminum pot          Calderos de aluminio    (26 cms)
   bathroom tissue             rollos de papel de bano
   plastic bowl (big)           lebrillos plasticos (24 cms)
   candles                          paquetes de velas
   small lighter                  encenderdor (pequeno)
   plastic plates                 platos plasticos
   plastic glasses               vasos plasticos
   bowls                            tacitas plasticas
   stainer                           colador plastico
   ladle (no holes)              cucharon liso
   ladle (with holes)           curada con hoyos
   knife                              cuchillo #7
   silverware                      set de cubiertos
   can opener                     destapador multiuso
   metal cup (jug)              jarros de alumino #12
All of these items are place in a five-gallon plastic bucket and sealed. Yes, every item can be placed in a bucket. The missionaries found an organized way to place all of the items. 

The missionaries came the past two Mondays for about an hour or so. We had 250 buckets to fill. 

   1) one set to take off all of the place wrap from the cooking pot; 

   2) two sets of missionaries to verify what was in the buckets and make sure everything on the list was in the bucket; 

   3) two sets of missionaries to stack the buckets when they were finished; 

    4) a set of missionaries to put together one of the other pots we put in the bucket; and 

   5) the rest of the missionaries placing the items in a new bucket. One of the elders would place the items in the bucket, and the other elder would mark it off the list. This organization went very well. 

They completed over 200 Kits de cocina. Muchas gracias, Elderes!


LowRider03 said...

Nice project. And a good way to keep the missionaries off the streets and out of trouble! But wait, aren't they supposed to be on the streets? I'm confused...

Colleen/Grandma/Mom said...

Love your photo journal. Let me know if you ever meet Elder Scharman. He's in the MTC still!

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Colleen, thanks for your comments. No, we haven't seen Elder Scharman yet. Usually, they spent four weeks in the MTC, and then they come here for four more. We shall another group after Christmas. I'll keep you posted.