Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"More Jackson Hole Photos: A Continuation of the Journey"

"More Jackson Hole Photos: A Continuation of the Journey"
Darrel L. Hammon

I have a bunch more pictures that I have put on my Facebook pages if you want to go see them, but I want to include these four for all of the artistic photographers out there. Remember that I went on a photo journey through Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last week. My brother Dennis, the famous photographer of the famed Dennis Hammon Photography, took me to some of his most favorite places. I placed several on my previous blog, but here are a few more:

This one is from the old Moulton homestead. I liked the colors and the corners. It's even better in real life. It would be nice if someone would do some preservation on these old buildings. Within a few years, they will be all gone, and the icons (one of Dennis' most favorite words when talking about old buildings and things) they are will be lost to future generations.

Don't you just love windows and spaces just as these? For some reason, I like to take pictures of windows and doors--old windows and doors. Here is one that I really liked.

The lone fence line in the middle of a pasture was intriguing. I suspect there were a lot of fence lines back in the day, but this is the one that remains. Perhaps this was part of an old corral. I didn't walk out to see if the others sides were lying in the tall grasses. Can you image going out to feed the cows every morning and night and witnessing this phenomenal view ? It probably would have been great in the summer and fall and maybe a few days in the spring but no so great in the winter as Jackson Hole has some incredibly cold and long winter days. Brrrrrrrr.....

And, finally this is a picture of Dennis' favorite place in Jackson Hole. It's down the "no-tell-'em-dirt road" just down the road from the Snake River Overlook, also an incredible place to take pictures. What's unique about this photo is the crispness of the Tetons in sharp contrast to the old buck fence,  the yellow brown-eyed Susans, and the old, tired dirt road leading--or so it seems--to the Tetons.

Just an incredible place--Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My only suggestion is this: Go and experience a majestic and awe-inspiring place where you can see and feel the hand of a loving Heavenly Father who specifically asked that this place be created.

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