Friday, April 8, 2011

"Dear Grandpa and Grandma: I hope they call you on a Mission"

"Dear Grandpa and Grandma: I hope they call you on a Mission"
Darrel Hammon

Questionnaire: I am writing an article for Deseret Direct. Deseret Direct began in June 2010 and provides “unparalleled values-driven content for distribution through Deseret Media Companies – most notably Deseret News, KSL, Mormon Times and LDS Church News. Deseret Direct’s mission is ‘To be trusted voices of light and knowledge reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide.’”

The topic I am writing about is senior couples going on missions for the Church. I have tentatively titled it: “Dear Grandpa and Grandma: I hope they call you on a mission.” Consequently, I have devised a few questions that will help me write the article. If you are willing to help with the article, please send me your e-mail address @ The following are questions from the questionnaire:

Home Town:
Home State:
Home Ward:
Home Stake:

Currently serving: □ Yes □ No
Preparing to serve: □ Yes □ No
Home from our mission: □ Yes □ No

What helped you make a decision to serve a senior couple mission?

Describe the process of making the decision to go a mission.

Before you decided to go on a mission, what were some of the things you thought about that might prohibit you from going on a mission?

Was your family supportive of you going on a mission?

What are some specific things your family did or is doing to demonstrate their support of your mission?

Is there one thing that you worried about that you really didn’t need to worry about once you were on your mission?

What do you wish you knew before entering the MTC?

What do you wish you knew before entering the actual mission field?

Now that you are home, what are your thoughts about your missionary experience? Would you go again?

What is one thing/event that stood out on your mission?

What would you tell other senior couples who are contemplating going a mission?

Anything else that you think might be relevant to help senior couples decide to go on a mission and how to prepare?

May I quote you? □ Yes □ No

Do you have a picture from your mission you would be willing to share?
□ Yes □ No

Thank you for your time and your detailed answers. I appreciate it.

Darrel L. Hammon


Hailey said...

Dad, that is so awesome that you are writing for these guys! Way to go!

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Well, let's see how the article turns out. I need to make sure and get enough research to make the article worthwhile to read.