Sunday, May 2, 2010

Contemplations about Orbs

I drafted this some time ago and haven't returned to it. But I thought I would post it to contemplate its sense of being. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Orbs

The lights in the distance
somehow stifle the darkness,
treat it indifferently,

try to lighten up its grueling mess
that overshadows even
the most miniscule light.

Our lives are like that, sometimes.
We take on more than we can do.
Sometimes, we burden ourselves

with other’s burdens.
Sometimes, we even cross ourselves,
hoping for some redemption

when none is available, even for them,
our so-called friends, the ones
we hide from others.

Why we do such thing remains
a mystery to me.
Why we extend ourselves, often,

more viscerally than we truly should,
more viciously at times than truly needed.
But the fact of the matter is this:

the lights in our horizon are dimming,
slowly fading into the orbs of nothingness,
only because we have failed to pay the bill.


Caught in the Web said...

I think right now, in your situation, this poem applies so well to you. I like the ending, too. Very modern.

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Thanks, Hailey.