Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

As you all have heard, a huge 8.8 earthquake ravaged central Chile, around Concepcion and Talca, including Santiago. I haven't been able to contact anyone in Talca--the Diaz families, the Avendano families, Carmen G., and many others. Hermana Alvarez from Santiago attempted to call the families in Talca but to no avail. The lines must be down.

I did Facebook chat with some of my friends in the Puerto Montt area. They felt it, but there was no destruction there. I remember being in Chile on my mission and feeling tremors all of the time. It was a normal thing. The first time I remember feeling a tremor was in Talca. I had just finished praying, and the glasses in the cupboard behind us began to shake. Wow! I thought....must have been a powerful prayer. the people we were teaching just laughed, saying "this is a normal thing for us." It wasn't normal for us.

This all concerns me because Joanne and I were just there in November and visited many of these areas. Plus, many of my good friends are there. I have seen many pictures of the destruction in Talca. It doesn't look good. The news from Talca is sparse. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.


Grandma Turtle said...

I hope all your friends are safe, and that you can contact them before too long. We'll pray for them.

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Thank you! I'll keep all posted as soon as I know anyting.

Caught in the Web said...

they will be OK Dad, promise.

Elizabeth Walkiria Díaz Sanhueza said...

Presidente, recuerda cuando estábamos en el cerro y yo le pregunté ¿Cómo se pronunciaba "Earthquake"? (Porque para mi era muy difícil decir esa palabra) Cómo íbamos a saber lo que sucedería sólo 3 meses después... Bueno, continúa siendo una palabra difícil pronunciar y sobretodo de vivirla... Pero estamos aquí y junto con agradecer a Dios decimos, ARRIBA CHILE!!!