Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily newspaper

Today, I couldn’t wait to get home from Church because we finally had a paper to read, yes even a Sunday newspaper. For the past several weeks, we haven’t had a newspaper because Joanne cancelled the paper on December 18, just before we went to Provo to spend Christmas. We spent a week there, and Anna Rose and Christiaan don’t get the paper. I did get to read one paper that Lonnie had brought with him. Then, when we went to Hinckley, I read their local paper. So, I have been going through withdrawals.

Yes, I have been reading the newspaper online, but it isn’t the same as yanking the paper, usually wrapped in an orange plastic wrapper, out of your box that is filled with snow. Then, when you get it home, you take it out of the plastic bag, smooth it out on the table, and then begin reading, being very careful when you turn the pages as not to tear it where the snow leaked in the bag and got some of the pages wet. From the national and local news on the front page to the weather section to the “news of record” section where I recognize some names periodically to the community page to the sports page and even the want ads, there is something about the touch and feel and read of a daily newspaper.

Joanne said, “Yes, we love to read the paper, but now I have to recycle it.”

Even that is newsworthy.

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Caught in the Web said...

AGREED! I love that you love the newspaper as much as I do. Oh how amazing it is and how terribly tragic that all the glorious black and white is moving to online stations. This is one time that I say "Boo" to technology.