Monday, August 3, 2009

Arches National Park's the scoop....For a mere $10.00 per carload,you can enter one of the most amazing parks in the Unites States called the Arches National Park just outside Moab, Utah. Joanne, Hailey, and I went there this past week. What an amazing place! The Visitor's Center called many of the rocks "recycled" rocks. If we could recycle rocks to look like these, we ought to get busy recycling now. I was extremely impressed with the formations. The bottom line is this: I wish we had gone in earlier, the earlier the better, and stay later so we could have taken certain pictures when the sun was just rising and others when the sun was just setting. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorites:


Caught in the Web said...

These do look fantastic, Dad! Sorry I gave you such a hard time for taking so long. You should go again sometime by yourself so that you could stay from dawn till dusk getting the perfect picture. But, I think your pictures are still amazing! Thanks for letting me tag along and experiencing the beauty, too.

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...


Thanks for the note. Yes, I will go again--who knows when.

We are so glad that you "tagged" along. We thoroughly enjoy having you there with us. It was so much like old times. We love you tons and tons. Thanks for accompanying your "getting older" parents. Take care.


Caught in the Web said...

It was my pleasure, Dad. It was like old times and that is why it was so great. Getting older? Dad, you were able to hike up to those arches better than I was. I think you are still a young spring chicken!

Love you!