Sunday, July 12, 2009

Emiline Rose Johnson

The time has finally arrived for Joanne and me, a time we knew would be coming our direction. We are now grandparents for the first time. Anna Rose and Christiaan had their first baby and named her Emiline Rose Johnson. She is beautiful and precious. We drove over to Provo and have spent the last couple of days with them. What a wonderful opportunity--yes, privilege and honor--to sit with her and hold her. Just watching her--her precious face; her little ears; her Johnson lips; the periodic movement of her head; the brownish, maybe redish tuffins; her maybe blue eyes; her long, skinny Hammon feet--all of it is just pure beauty.

Early this a.m., I held her and rocked while whistling and humming "If You Could Hie to Kolob." Amazingly, she perked up and literally looked around. Tears came to me eyes. Yes, she is recently come from her Heavenly Father. We are sure that He misses her. We are so glad, though, that He allowed His precious daughter, one He saved for the latter days because of her strength and courage, to come to earth. We are glad that Anna Rose and Christiaan will have the opportunity/privilege to raise her in righteousness.

Emiline, we welcome you to our family. We love you very, very much.

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cressfamily said...

Congratulations, uncle Darrel. She is beautiful. Enjoy being a grandpa

Caught in the Web said...

I love you, Dad!