Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

What a great day today! Father's Day. I spoke in the Buffalo Ridge Ward and used the same story about the "iron rod" that Anna Rose used in her blog. We must be totally in tune.

Hailey wrote her blog about me, too. What can a father say when both of his daughters spend time writing about him on their blogs? I love them both very much.

Why I enjoy being a father to Anna Rose and Hailey...

I get to hang out with their beautiful mother.

We prayed for both of them over many years, and they came to our family as "miracles babies."

We watched them grow up, finally get hair, and learn to walk.

I was able to coach them in T-ball and basketball.

I was able to baptize and confirm both of them.

I watched them grow from beautiful babies to even more beautiful young women.

I sat mesmerized as they played the piano in numerous piano recitals.

I spent time in the garden with both of them. They loved planting gardens with their dad.

We enjoyed the "Santa Parties" in Idaho Falls with Santa, the cousins, and the pinata downstairs.

We were able to spend time climbing trails and snagging cool rocks.

I thoroughly enjoyed going on "daddy-daughter" dates to wherever they wanted to go.

Spending time with them in the temple was completely enjoyable.

I had to learn to keep my mouth shut at tennis matches when they were doubles partners and went to state (Montana)

I thoroughly enjoyed watching them in Speech and Drama and act in many plays since they were little girls starting out in Missoula Children's Theater.

Going on trips to Seattle; Rainey Creek in Swan Valley, Idaho; Yellowstone Park; Phoenix; Philmont Boys Scout Camp in New Mexico(this is another entire story); Disneyland; Quartzsite, Arizona, and Algadones, Mexico with Grandpa and Grandma Hammon; Martin's Cove, Nauvoo, Sharon, Vermont, Palmyra, New York, Kirtland, Ohio, Niagra Falls(Hailey); Costa Rica; New York City (Anna Rose)--just to name a few.

I was humbled to be in attendance and serve as a witness at both of their weddings in the House of Lord--Idaho Falls Temple for Anna Rose and Mt. Timpanogas Temple for Hailey.

And there are so many activities that I could fill up pages and pages. They were delightful children and are now delightful young women with lives of their own with their husbands and soon-to-be-children (Anna Rose).

May the Lord bless them like He blessed/blesses Joanne and me.

Love you tons and tons.



Caught in the Web said...

Thank you, Dad for this. Although it was Father's Day, you still turned it around to us. Thank you for being so amazing.

I love you, and cannot wait to see you!

Dear Chicka said...

Daddy, I love you.