Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother Taught Me

For all of the mothers out there:

My Mother Taught Me

When I was young and learning things,
I kneeled in prayer beside my bed.
My mother stood in the shadows,
listening while some words I said:

Oh, Dear Father who art in Heaven
My mother tells me thou art true.
But I don't know just what to think
for all of this is still too new.

But before I turn old like my friends
wilt thou just lean beyond thy cloudless veil
and whisper from thy throne on high
and cause my spirit to softly swell?

If thou doest this I promise all—
I will be thy obedient son
just as my Mother thinks of me
And thy will shall all be done.

Then I climbed up into my bed,
waited for my mother's love.
Then on bended knee she bowed
and poured out her heart to thee above.

I listened to the words she spoke.
They settled on her lips like dew.
I wondered where she learned to speak
such words of love—all true.

To her humble words, I carefully listened:
“Oh, My Father, this night I plea
for my children....please keep them safe...”
finally showed me how to talk to Thee.

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