Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snow Drifts at the Hammons

Cheyenne, Wyoming, had a major snow storm last week, and Joanne and I were out of town. When we arrived home, we were greeted by some major drifts in our yard. Take a look.

The first picture shows Joanne standing on the big drift in the backyard. The second picture is what I call "No, not a mountain, just a drift in the backyard" The third picture is a drift in the front yard. The fourth picture shows me behind the drift in the backyard. Note that my hands are straight up in the air, and you can see only my hands from the wrist up. Now, that's what I call a snow drift. Ironically, we had three good days before we arrived home; so, I suspect they were much larger than the ones you see. But...still pretty big drifts. Now, if we could just save the run off.

They--Wyomingites(now "we"--label these storms typical spring storms in Wyoming. This one basically shut down both I-25 and I-80. So...Welcome to spring time in Wyoming.


Caught in the Web said...

Wow. Seriously wow. These are the biggest snow drifts I have ever seen! I am kind of glad I was not there when you were shoveling the walk! ;)

Darrel and Joanne Hammon said...

Ah, but you could have helped shovel. You are sooooooooooo good at it.