Sunday, January 4, 2009

I actually put up lights this year. Well, I put a few on the various trees we have out in front. I also hung some icicle lights on the front fence and the fence on the east side. Interestingly, I also hung some old mixed with some new colored lights beneath the icicles. The new ones kept burning out fuses. When I wanted to use them, I just put in a new fuse. I think I put in about four new fuses. Perhaps, I attempted to plug in more than I should have. Hey, my philosophy is this: If you cannot plug in a series of lights, then they aren’t worth their wattage.

Winter has been a bit iffy in Cheyenne. We have had a bit of snow, but it has either blown away or melted. In this picture, I was able to capture one of the College’s squirrel in the act of eating red berries, perhaps in response to the holidays and their ubiquitous reference to red, red, red.


Caught in the Web said...

Dad, I love this picture of the chipmunk! How did you get him to stay there while you were so close.

Have I ever told you how amazing you are? Well, you are very amazing.

I love your blog!

cressfamily said...

Hey uncl darrel found your blog. Looks good. if ya want y;ou can check ours out.

Caught in the Web said...

Dad, I love coming to your blog!