Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have the most wonderful daughters of any father in the world. Last night, we received a harried call from Hailey who told us calmly that some student had just hit her while she was riding a bike. Joanne immediately called Anna Rose who dropped everything to go take care of her sister. Joanne and I felt totally helpless in Cheyenne, but Anna Rose stepped up and took on the role of surrogate parent. She took Hailey to the Emergency Room, stayed with her while all the tests were done, took Hailey to dinner, and then took her home. How proud can parents be? Hailey was a trooper. Even though she was in pain, even though she was sitting in the Emergency Room with an IV in her veins, even though she had just been hit by a car, she was worried about not getting to Family Home Evening and fulfilling her calling as the Family Home Evening Co-coordinator. How amazing is that?
Bottom line is this: I have two amazing, intelligent, mature, and wonderful daughters! I don't think anyone has daughters like mine. Thank you, Anna Rose and Hailey for being so wonderful. And thank you, Joanne, for being the best mother and teacher in the world. I sincerely believe that our daughters are the way they are because they have a mother like Joanne. I love all three of you.

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Dear Chicka said...

Thanks Daddy! You know...you get some credit too :) I love you and mom and I echo what you said about what great teachers you BOTH are!